Sessions (treatment, coaching, space clearing)


The goal of every treatment is to activate and strengthen your self healing abilities.
In a session we work in both your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions. I facilitate this process and act as a bridge between these dimensions. I support you by means of words, energy work and sounds.
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The goal of every session is to activate and strengthen your self healing abilities.
As an entrepreneur you are driven by a mission: that which you want to contribute to the world, to make it a better place. Sometimes you have lost contact with your mission, with your drive, because blockades have arisen. These have a negative influence on: your company, achieving your objectives, your turnover and your employees. 
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Space clearing

The objective of these sessions is to re-align your living space with the powerful pure earth frequencies, with the source.
As an entrepreneur you spend a lot of time at your workplace; for example: office, shop, storage space, workshop, showroom, center, attic room or practice. Your workspace is just like your body; this also needs care, attention and nutrition. Yet you may experience blockages, so the energy does not flow freely and you feel out of balance or tense. You may notice that customers are uncomfortable, stay away, decrease sales, create problems among employees or simply lose contact with your passion and enjoyment.
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