Healing (ET-healings)

The goal of every Healing is to activate and strengthen your self healing abilities.
In a session we work in both your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions. I facilitate this process and act as a bridge between these dimensions. I support you by means of words, energy work and sounds.

Healing for what?
Do you experience any form of imbalance in your life or in your relationships? Do you want to raise your awareness and are you looking for a stronger contact with yourself, your multidimensional nature and the source? Then you are most welcome.

Location Sessions
These treatments take place at my practice in The Hague and at a distance.

It is also possible that prior to a lecture / workshop I agree with the relevant location that I am present earlier to give treatments. Please inquire with me or at the location in question. In addition, I hold session days at various locations in the Netherlands, see of agenda for the locations and dates. Do you want to make your practice space available for such periodic session days, to get interested people closer to home in your region, please contact with me.

During the Healing Session
Every treatment starts with determining what needs attention in the treatment, at that moment. This is then worked on; to such an extent and to that point, that your body can process this within that treatment. In a treatment I first agree on the source and then on you. I get the necessary information, about what is needed at that moment. I accompany you through an activation process in which, among other things, your self-healing abilities are activated. Then you gain insight into your blockades and what the cause is (if this insight is useful or necessary). Then I guide you with your blockages to lift yourself. So you heal yourself, at the time and place, where the blockade arose in your life, from the power of observation, with my support.

In a possible next treatment we look again at where you are and what you need, and so on. Each treatment requires on average a processing / integration period of two weeks, after which any subsequent treatment may take place.

Who can be Healed ?
Every adult (male / female), regardless of age, who gives permission for Sesion may be treated.
Children under the age of 18 may receive treatment with the consent of one of the parents.

The costs are 130 euros for 90 minutes. If you book a session for 60 minutes, the costs are 100 euros.
Contact us for a quote: info@chagaikatz.nl

Your regular medical treatments
I respect the work of doctors and other medical practitioners to a large extent. My advice is to never stop or reduce any current treatments because of my treatments. It sometimes happens that I refer you to other practitioners for things like: adjusting your diet, physical exercise, physical exercises, and so on.
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