E.T. healing – The New Approach

An unforgettable experience! On Friday, September 14, we host a lecture given by E.T. healer Chagai Katz. What does an E.T. healer and how does it work exactly? During this lecture you will discover how it all works and what it can mean for you. Pay attention! Keep in mind that the lecture will be held in English.
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Sessions healing, coaching, space clearing

A personal healing, coaching or a space clearing for your company? Make an appointment!
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On the agenda (workshops, lectures, events)

Would you like to get acquainted with me and my way of working, attend a workshop, lecture or event?
Then you are welcome on one of the following dates:
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Online Group Healing

On February 9, 2019 an online group session for healing, channeling and meditation will take place
being held. Those of you who have previously participated in such sessions can join the
powerful impact of such an experience, while those of you who are not welcome
watch a live broadcast of 30/12/2018 on Facebook and get an idea of experience here. The upcoming session will include changes, giving each participant the opportunity to receive a personal communication message, to heal aliens, to feel intense healing from higher dimensions and more ... Yes, it is true, you can stay at home or in another place that you prefer and simply register, connect and participate!
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